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Thread: New and clueless for now. What does PW stand for?

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    Default New and clueless for now. What does PW stand for?

    Hi, I am new here and not very educated on EFI Live so bear with me. I am working on it. I have been trying to solve a P1223 excess return fuel code and a loss of rail pressure problem with my 2007 5.9 Dodge 2500 for a long time. I have been searching the forum and came across this "In most of my tunes i do. I pull the PW down below what WOT is at by very signifigant amounts from 80mpa clear to 140mpa. I've attached a picture of how i normally do them.". What does PW mean in the previous sentence?

    My rail pressure is ok at lower MPH but when I try to accelerate from say 40-60 or at WOT my rail pressure will drop from 18K down to 10K. We have checked all the mechanical suspect parts so now I am looking into a flash/tune/ECM problem. CP3 checked good, FCA, Pressure relief valve, injector return test, etc. The rail pressure will not get above 20K even when the FCA is pulled off. There is a LOT more to this story but for now I just want to know what PW stands for in reference to the above sentence. I have a much longer post but figured I'd just start off with a simple one for now. I appreciate the help.


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    pulse width

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    Thanks RD TRCTR. I appreciate it.

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