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Thread: Want to test/help contribute

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    Default Want to test/help contribute

    I am an engineer by trade, and specialize in full-stack development, as well as being a Linux hero (specifically in server architecture and security), and want to maybe see what I can do to help make this happen properly. I actually use HP Tuners at the moment, and they are incredibly resistant to getting it working on Linux (though I have recently, as in the last few days got at least VCM scanner working almost entirely using Wine and PlayOnLinux, and just need to work on the FTDI drivers to properly communicate, which shouldn't be too difficult). I was a contributor and admin for PlayOnLinux for like, 7 or 8 years (still am, but don't have time to contribute as much as I would like nowadays.).

    I am sure I can help get this running. I have discovered a few things in general for most software like this (I have yet to try EFI Live though. I am almost regretting getting HP Tuners. only a little bit though, as I do really like it).

    1: If you are running Linux, and you want the best speed, don't use virtualbox or vmware unless your computer is a BEAST. Use KVM/QEMU. That has given me close to bare metal performance. Not fully, but much, much faster than anything else besides a dual boot.

    2: The FTDI drivers (more specifically the FOSS implementation of them, libftdi) will work if the software using it is robust for your needs (I have worked on some logging stuff for Hondas using libftdi and obd2 and have no issues. GM computers are a different story).

    Now, what I would be curious to know is what language the software is written in (please, for the love of dog, don't say .NET)? The source can likely be compiled to *nix systems easily through it's IDE. Even .NET has Mono, but there would be some funkiness. Is it possible to do that? (I am sure that you want to protect your IP, but without access to source, getting it working through anything but Wine or in a VM will not be possible.

    Now, you could always compile your linux version in a way that still protects/obfuscates your IP by putting proprietary stuff in a binary blob and releasing the rest of the app as open source (or closed, but make it available to those that have been vetted and approved of to contribute.). I would be willing to do so. Feel free to contact me (as admins I am sure the owners can see my email address).

    Either way, I would love to see this happen with both EFI Live and HP Tuners. What can I do, what has been done, and how do I help?

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    Thanks for the offer but the harsh reality is there will probably never be a native Linux version (or OSX as we get asked about that too).
    Our new hardware does not use FTDI USB devices now so that is on the way out as far as development goes.
    I'm sure if you listed the reasons why HPT will not assist in getting their stuff more integrated with Linux the reasons would be exactly the same for us.
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    You can try running a Windows virtual machine.

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    could be using macOS, Windows, or even a different Linux distro as your desktop operating system?

    Do I need another Windows license for a virtual machine?

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    If I had to guess from the splash screen and the UI, I'd say the V8 software is written in Delphi. I was planning to try it in a VM anyway, but I'd be willing to give it a shot on Wine for anything but flashing

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    Quote Originally Posted by CliC View Post
    If I had to guess from the splash screen and the UI, I'd say the V8 software is written in Delphi. I was planning to try it in a VM anyway, but I'd be willing to give it a shot on Wine for anything but flashing
    Yes, it is written in Delphi and C.
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