I'm needing help trying to figure out where/why I have this injector knock issue,
I can't seem to figure it out, runs amazing at wot, no knock when u first start it, then when warm it knocks BAD under partial throttle (ie: cruising on highway) no knock at idle, and no knock when floored, if I kick overdrive off it seems to stop knocking as well, I'm lost need help...... it's heavily modified, 05 LLY, new 10mm stroker pump (exergy), 30% sticks (new reman less than 500miles), egr delete, manifolds and up pipes (highflow), 63mm fleece fmw, downpipe, pcv reroute, hsp mouthpiece, intake tube and air cleaner, pusher y-bridge, fuel rail plug, 165gph airdogg 4g2, 1/2" feed fitting to cp3 12 to 15 psi idle, efi with dsp5, 6" lift, 36x14.5x16.5 rubber,