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Thread: What are normal parameters

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    Default What are normal parameters

    I have been fighting a Jeep with an LS swap for a couple years now. Whatever I do, it just won’t run correctly. I’m at the point of watching parameters on a portable scanner while driving.
    My question is this, where do I find what the parameters “should” be? Such as, % and how often should the purge solenoid cycle, what should my cat temps be, what are proper fuel trim numbers, etc?

    My apologies for the original post, it got cut off when I posted it, and only a small portion of the post showed up. Thx for any help.
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    I have a customer that fought a 2008 jeep for a couple years with a LS3 swap, they finally got a good harness, body control module and what not. I finished the tune a month or so ago and they could not be happier. Contact Dave or Corbin at Extreme Off Road, Clovis, California. google that for the phone number.

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    Capture logs and post here.

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