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Thread: CAT and DPF UnDelete

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    Default CAT and DPF UnDelete

    I bought a used 2009 Silverado 2500HD with a Duramax LMM earlier this year from a local used call dealer. This month, I failed emissions and discovered the truck has a CAT and DPF delete kit in it. I purchased the parts to reinstall the CAT and DPF and was planning to use my HPTuner to re-enable the Regen Cycle, but learned that they removed this functionality from the software.

    I was just about to order the EFILive Flashscan V2 tool and decided to Google the DPF functionality. I found a post in the LML forum indicating the tables for this setting don't exist in the U.S. version. Does anyone know if this is only for LML or has it been removed from the LMM software too?

    I really feel stuck here, my tags expire in 9 days and I cannot register my truck until I can get it through emissions.


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    Actually, You can register it. It will just be suspended until you complete the emissions testing.

    Always pay the registration so you don't get hit with late fees.

    As for the tuning, have it flashed back to stock if you can or find a known good Stock file to work from that doesn't have the emissions stuff deleted.

    Not sure if your truck is currently tuned for additional mods or if you can even save the current tune.

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    That's a good question, I have no idea what else may be tuned in it. I know for sure the speedo is calibrated for the larger wheels. I guess to start, I'll burn the HPTuner credits and try reading in the current config. I wonder if I just put the CAT and DPF on if it would get through emissions without throwing a CEL. The testing center is 5 miles up the street.

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    If you need your ECM put back to factory file, we have a service for that.
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