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Thread: Ive got P0700 amd P182E problems

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    Default Ive got P0700 amd P182E problems

    Hi Guys, Ive had a read through most of these 6L80e posts, but cant find anything...
    I have a 2014 VF L77 and 6L80e in my VS ute, and has been running fine for 3 years
    A couple of days ago my speedo stopped working, which I thought would be a simple fix.....
    Anyway tried another speedo today, and no go, so then I started checking things out in more detail, and didn't really disturb anything, but next minute it wont crank over.... what a great way to ruin your Saturday
    I tried all the tricks I know, including removing trans connector, and then bridging canbus wires and bridging pk/n with Gnd, and then it cranked and started. So I pinned out all trans wires back to ecm and everything was fine..
    At the start relay, I wasn't getting a ground signal, so I grounded that and it would start, but no gears at all until I removed earth, where I only had R and 3rd.
    I could link to TCM and read, and had P0700 and P182E codes.
    I have seen where TCM's have been removed and when reinstalled, have left the manual switch lever off and this does the same thing....
    Are these Manual Switch assembly (308 as shown in Joecars) diagram known to fail
    Mine has only done about 60,000 kms all up from new.
    Anyone got any tips???
    Im wondering if theres any relationship to the speedo failing and hope it hasn't pooped the TCM.... starnge I can still Link and read though...
    Btw, when it was running fine this morning the speed was showing in the scanner, which I believe comes from pin 16 to J1-71. I haven't tested for square wave yet out of J1-57 to speedo
    Any help appreciated

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    Has anyone seen these codes at all, from an unopened 6L80e, or have you seen the selector switch fail, or seen the TCM fail, even though I can still read and link to it.
    Thanks in advance

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    The selector switches can fail, but not usually.

    Also, there might be several broken wires in the subharness which were making contact until you touched the harness when you replaced the VSS sensor.

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