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Thread: Getting $0536 code LLY Duramax

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    Default Getting $0536 code LLY Duramax

    My tuner has double checked and the Autocal is linked.The licences number is correct and serial number is correct.He has made 3 trace files to be emailed to someone here but I can't find a email address to send them to.He says everything is good on his end and dose not understand why it will not flash to my truck.Can someone here help me please? Thanks Trai

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    $0536 means the tune file was not saved for use with AutoCal - although your AutoCal is linked to your Tuners' FlashScan, the tune file also needs to contain his FlashScan serial to give the AutoCal permission to flash.

    The tuner MUST use the Save for AutoCal saving option to set the remote license on the tune file.


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