12658036 ECM, New

This ECM was programmed for the customer using GM TIS. As it is a new ECM, I suspect that the 30 minute relearn was never performed. The following happened twice, both new ECM's, 2 different NON-LOCAL customers. This note is from one of the customers.

"I ended up finding the issue. The immobilizer data had to be reset between the BCM and ECM. The replacement ECM you sent me ended up throwing the P0633 code roughly 30 days later just like the original ECM. The dealer refused to help, so I had a guy come out to my place and we were able to reset the ECM/BCM immobilizer data and reprogram 2 keys at the same time. Fired right up!

Just wanted to let you know in case you run into that issue in the future. Shouldn't have been anything wrong with the first ECM other than the ECM and BCM needed to be synced."

Are these LML ECM's counting down to 0 key cycles and going dead?