It's my first post so I'll say a big "hi! Fellow tech heads"

I'm in need of some guidance and help, as an awful lot has changed in the tuning world since I last dabbled,

I recently purchased a v2, an aem 30-300 and a competent laptop to start messing around with the latest incarnation of my project car, and since i now live 1000km away from my tuner, and having previous experience with other systems, I figured it was worth a shot........

Anyway, v2 worked great, plugged in to retrieve the base tune supplied by my tuner, I had to tidy up some over fueling at idle and while waiting for the 30-300 to turn up, just did this by ear, great results,

AFR kit turned up, read up on the instal and documentation in regards to connecting it through analog to the v2, and this is where things got wonky, I started to log afrs on a cold start, but the cells were populating with "7.35", figuring one or more of the pids was out of whack, after doing a little more research a changed a few things around, but the result either didn't change, or would only populate with 0.00, when viewing "display sensors" on the device itself, a/d which is the port I am using was showing data as seen in the attached photo, what am I missing??

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I have been itching for years to get back into tuning (new to efi live) and to hear my baby scream.

Thanks, Ash

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