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Thread: LS2 motor with LS1 knock sensors?

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    Default LS2 motor with LS1 knock sensors?

    I am finally taking some time to get my TT 402 into my C5. The thing has been on the side burner since March.

    What is the best way to approach the knock sensors since they are different between the LS1 and LS2. Will the LS2 sensors work with some configuring or can you just redrill and tap for the LS1's.

    I know it has been discussed here somewhere but can't find it.




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    Lots of mostly good info on LS1Tech; search the PCM Diag & Tuning forum for LS2 knock sensor
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    Most mount them (LS1 KS) on the side of the LS2 block IIRC
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