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Thread: DTC problem

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    Default DTC problem

    -On My LSX 454 with E38, I keep getting MIL turning on with various codes.(see below) The mil is off on restart, but comes back on after idling for a few minutes.
    I went through DTC list and disabled non pertinent codes but still keep getting MIL. I did a complete reflash that didnt help.
    Any thoughts? Thanks

    ---Confirmed Trouble Codes Scan Report----
    0 Confirmed Trouble Codes:
    ----Pending Trouble Codes Scan Report----
    0 Pending Trouble Codes:
    ----Permanent Trouble Codes Scan Report----
    8 Permanent Trouble Codes:
    1. U25D4
    Check report for description.
    2. P3BAA
    Check report for description.
    3. B2AAA
    Check report for description.
    4. C0341
    Check report for description.
    5. B2A00
    Check report for description.
    6. P054C
    Cold Start "B" Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced Bank 2
    7. C0D54
    Check report for description.
    8. P2626
    O2 Sensor Pumping Current Trim Circuit/Open Bank 1 Sensor
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    I am curious what the answer is for the permanent codes. I had a guy stop by the shop with a 2011 Camaro that had a couple permanent codes. V7.5 scanner doesn't even see them but my other scanner did and of course neither could get rid of the permanent codes. Being in California I sent the guy down the road because it very well could have been a setup by CARB or the BAR, they have a mission to bust tuners these days. I kinda think I could reprogram with the tech2 and TIS and all would be fine but I never took the chance to try. In California the permanent codes cause an immediate smog fail.
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    Just reading up on permanent codes- this strategy began in 2009 and is meant to keep folks from simply clearing codes and not fix underlying problem and thereby cheating emissions test.
    The codes will only clear when the computer receives input that the problem was fixed.
    Since emissions testing does not apply in my situation and the systems flagged are not even present,(VVT, EGR etc) not sure how the computer will see the fix.
    Would a pre 2009 OS solve the problem?

    addendum:current OS is 12614682 which is 2006/7 so not sure why permanent codes in pre 2009
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    Permanent DTC's remain in the history even after they clear (i.e. don't light up the MIL)... CARB wants the ability to look at them.

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    Thanks for response. My MIL keeps going on after a few minutes usually while at idle and scanner only lists the permanent codes but no active or pending codes.
    Clearing DTCs or restart turns off MIL temporarily.
    Being a restomod emissions testing isn't an issue. I guess I could just disconnect MIL but would like to have it work properly as can be useful. It was working properly until recently.
    I did go through list of DTC type and DTC MIL and turned off non pertinent systems.
    Any ideas on how to fix?

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