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Thread: Swapped in stock tune now batteries wont charge light on

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    Question Swapped in stock tune now batteries wont charge light on

    I just swapped in my stock tune before taking the truck into the dealer and now my battery light and battery wont charge indicator is on. I also tried another copy of my stock file with the same results. Anyone know how I can fix this. and it wasn't on before I swapped tunes today(had my tow tune on it till now). 2006 LBZ stock
    thanks for any help you can give

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    I would ask the dealer. I doubt it is efilive related. Coincidental failure possibly. What does your battery voltage read during idle?
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    Battery Voltage was dropping even with the truck running, ended up changing out the alternator and it fixed it. Must have just been a fluke that it happened when I swapped tune files. thanks for the reply

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