Hello people! I read a few posts here and saw I could post a build thread in the Lounge section, hopefully it wasn't sarcasm! lol

Anyway, I have a 1978 Chevy Suburban. I plan on transplanting it's heart with an L29 I ripped out of a 1998 Suburban. Currently gathering information I need and building a plan. Hoping to get the ball rolling on this soon. I plan on leaving the L29 stock for now with the exception of wiring in a 0411 PCM until I can learn how to tune. I've already got the pinout cheat sheet from Lextech. I do have the original black box from the L29 and will need to figure out how to get the program switched from that to my 0411. I also have the 4L80E and will be installing that at a later date as well.

Here's pics of the truck and engine:

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