Hello dear fellows! I built a smokeless tune using mixture limits and it works good, but there is a problem. No matter how much I "lean" mixture, mixture limits I set ignored approximately for the first second after I push throttle hard. Seems like it uses different limits than these which available for editing first second after throttle was pushed.
I think there is a transitional air to fuel limit table which we do not see in EfiLive or similar hidden parameter. My question is how we could get access to that area? What else do we know about the problem I described here?

I contacted helpdesk with this issue and they closed my ticket number 2368-IPAF-1390 saying LMM is out for support. At the same time LMM listed on efilive.com as supported.

As I found, we have two problems instead of 1 here: not having complete access to mixture control and advertised LMM support seems like actually not supported or servicedesk does not proceed LMM support requests properly. I am trying to reach here management and other people who are competent in these two areas so we could combine our efforts in improving EfiLive product and it's support.