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Thread: Copying a Tune from one ECU to Another - For Beginners

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    Default Copying a Tune from one ECU to Another - For Beginners

    First off I must say I am new to EFI Live tuning and this forum so I apologize in advance for this basic question. I have tried to find this information somewhere on here already as I'm sure its been asked before but I was unable to find it. My question is, I have an E38 ECU that I have modified the tune on. The tune was scanned off my 2009 Silverado. I've made a few minor adjustments and would like to use this tune as a base tune for a friends truck who also has an E38 ECU. Can I load the tune from my truck onto his ECU? If so, are there any modifications I have to do in order to do so?

    -Thanks! and again sorry for the basic question.

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    Hi your better off using and modifying the tune that came off the original ecu. You will brick the ecu if it goes wrong copying a different tune on to it. hth

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