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I Did do the bigger radiator it didn't help so i did the condenser next thinking the fins were clogged and that didn't do it. I flushed all the systems and had the PCM scanned to make sure the parameters were set correctly and they found no issues. I had a cold air at the time and read some reviews and they said that the aluminum intake tube was getting hot and sucking hot air causing the motor to get hotter faster so i put the stock air box back on and did a K&N air filter in it. That didn't do it lol. So finally i did the radiator by pass on oil and trans. the engine gets to 200-210F and never hikes now. The trans. gets up to 275ish on hills so it doesn't over heat now but it is still getting warm. Unfortunately the truck constantly is shifting on inclines so i am assuming thats why it gets so hot? I am hoping that getting a little more torque and changing some shift points that it will eliminate the constant shifting? I am also considering a Cam if this doesn't do the trick.. I never used to have issues towing but this last year has been a little bit of a joke Whats your thoughts?
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