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Thread: 2006 5.9l fire punk efi live stuck on 4th gear

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    Default 2006 5.9l fire punk efi live stuck on 4th gear

    So I have a 2006 ram 3500 5.9l cummins. Truck prior to the efi live had a H&S tune on it. They told me I can just re write over that program with the efi live from fire punk. So I followed instructions it came with, pit ignition on run position then load full program tune and accept license,turn off ignition, then I cranked the truck up and went to go drive it but noticed it was stuck on 4th gear. What can be happening?

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    Did you return the truck to stock with the H&S prior to flashing in the tunes from FirePunk?

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    What makes you think the truck is stuck in OD? Does it shift up through the gears and not want to downshift? Is the transmission stock or built, hows fluid look, when’s the last time you dropped the pan? Shouldn’t matter if you returned truck to stock with the hs since the file was written over, that would just effect resale of the hs since it’s still vin locked to your truck

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