I have swap going in a 07 Chevy took out the 8.1 put in 12v be pump with the allison. I'm using the the throttle body that I have removed the the throttle butterfly and installed a lever on the shaft. I pulls on a cable to operate the injection pump. It work great for reving the rpms up but if you start to drive it get 20 ft are so. The throttle rpms go up a d down. I made a mechanically operated cable control off of the throttle actuator and took the cable off the lever on the throttle body. We can drive it but it inconsistencies in the shifting because the throttle body is still trying to hunt up and down. My question is do you know of a way to settle the throttle body down. The throttle body is the tps. I don't have the mass airflow sensor plugged in the harness just remember that now. Don't think that will solve the problem. No wiring was modified for this . Have good tps % just jump with the throttle body.Good throttle response when using the throttle body operating the injection pump. I have done alot of allison tuning. But haven't done any motor tuning at all.Diesel or Gasser
I would appreciate a your thoughts. If this isn't the correct place for this post remove are put were it should have gone.