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Thread: Turbo tuning for the first time

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    Thanks for the PM, I hit you up on your email.

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    Looks good, as if from factory

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    What sort of fuel is this? noticed you are definitely not going into PE that easily. Even then you are commanding .87L which is not correct for what I am sure you want to achieve. Your goal as a calibrator is that what you command is what you achieve. I would start with a MUCH flatter boost ve table. The way the airflow from VE calculation works, it takes into consideration the map that you are in. So its not a straight up airflow, only a a coefficient. So a much flatter curve will get you there faster.

    I would log less parameters. For instance, you are speed density, so you shouldn't log sae.maf. Keep the channels to 24 and it will log at 10Hz, which is decently good data.

    Hope I am not being captain obvious.
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    i gave him some help and run down on how to set it up correctly. unfortunately it was a bit too late & we think the engine has broken a couple of ringlands. he was having issues with a bunch of different map sensors giving weird values on known configurations.

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