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Thread: Allison a40 help

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    Default Allison a40 help

    Hi, I havnt done too much with tuning just little things here and there. Anyway I was trying to change the part throttle 5-6 upshift points on my old mans 2006 chev silverado 3500.
    Took a read of the trans and saved the file. Then mad adjustments only to 5-6 upshift speed and then did a call flash. Seemed to go through successfully, until we fired it up and had a service brake system msg on the dash. It had a code u0101 on it and abs light was on..So I cal flashed the origsnal trans tune back in (which seemed successful) but still same faults. Tried cal flash several times with no joy????
    Have I damaged the tcm somehow? Any help much appreciated

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