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Thread: Reed Switch / Hall Effect Input

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    Default Reed Switch / Hall Effect Input

    Hi All.
    Looking to log some driveshaft rpm again the engine rpm data captured on canbus. Is there any easy way to bring in a two wire reed switch, or maybe a hall effect sensor on the V2 A/D inputs?



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    An A/D input measures voltage (eg 0V - 5V), not pulses like a hall effect sensor would produce.
    Although the V2 does have inputs to monitor switch states they are not sampled fast enough to be used for what you want.
    I no longer monitor the forum, please either post your question or create a support ticket.

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    Thanks for the clarification. I saw a thread about converting pwm to 0-5v input. But was looking for a quick and dirty option. Time to look at the TCM options.

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