Hey fellow tuners! Working on a project for a customer, a Hummer with a VP 24 valve 5.9 Cummins and a 6 speed Allison. He did the swap and hired me for wiring/tuning. I've been struggling to figure out TCM throttle inputs. Does anybody have any experience here? I have a standard analog tps i'd like to use for ease of use and price. I know the 8.1 os will support a pwm throttle input, and I can use a cheap converter to convert analog signal to digital.

The other option I've thought about is using a MD calibration because I'm pretty sure they support analog throttle inputs.

I've been trying to flash TCM with GM SPS but without the rest of the GM vehicle it isn't very happy.

If anyone has either a 8.1 OS or a MD full read they would like to send me I'd appreciate it! Or if anyone has any good info to pass on.

Thanks all!