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Thread: Error Codes $0537 & $0281 for Duramax LB7

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    Default Error Codes $0537 & $0281 for Duramax LB7

    I have had my tune and EFI Live equipment for several years. I have been having some battery drainage that has been difficult to detect. Most of the time I keep it on a dual Battery Tender. However, out of fryustration in being unable to detect the voltage seepage, I installed the battery terminal quick disconnect switches on each battery.

    It has worked fine up until recently when a mysterious electrical gremlin prevented many of my accessories from operating even while the truck started and ran fine. It may have something to do with the Glow Plug module but am still investigating.

    Nevertheless, I noticed that my truck no longer has the 5 tunes it once had. I use the Edge CTS2 for gauging and changing tunes. This morning, when I attempted to read the ECM, I received 2 different errors, $0537 & $0281. I checked my notes and ironically, I had these two error codes written down originally when I bought the system with Idaho Rob tunes and had to swap out a new (to me) ECM from an EFILive dealer. I hope this is not the case again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    LB7 ECM's are notorious for just corrupting themselves for no reason (plenty of threads on here about that). First thing to do is get the ECM info using the software where you can see the VIN, ECM S/N etc, if that looks like random characters then the ECM has corrupted itself.
    I no longer monitor the forum, please either post your question or create a support ticket.

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