I received my first batch of Autocal V3s this week and I'm having a hell of a time getting my computer to recognize the things, I cannot connect with any EFI Live program, says No Autocal found.

I'm on Windows 7. When I go into Device Manager, its listing the new Autocals initially as an HP Printer driver. If I uninstall that, unplug and reconnect, it temporarily shows EFI Live Autocal V3 under "Other Devices" but then it lists it as a WinUSB Device and puts the thing under Universal Serial Bus "devices" instead of "controllers. If I go and manually try and update the drivers going to the specified Programs(X86)>EFILive>Drivers etc folder, if I go to Browse my computer, it says the best driver is already installed, and if I go to Have Disk and go to the folder it pops up saying that the driver isn't specified for 64 bit Windows and check and ensure that its compatible and kicks me out.

I've tried the manual deleting drivers under the Utilities folder using the procedure suggested, that didn't help.

I've downloaded the newest beta, that's the only suggestion I've gotten from support email so far. I need to figure this out to send these to my customers, please help!