Hi all,
I'm new to EFI Live / V8 Scan and tune, purchased it about 3 weeks ago to try and diagnose a problem with my 2007 LBZ Duramax / Allison 1000.
E35A and A40 controllers.

Problem 1: EFI Live V8 will not "Auto- detect" the A40 TCM controller. ( I always have to manually select it)

Problem 2: Once i have manually select the A40, and i add PIDS, when i try and validate the PIDs to the controller, i get an error...
It Read:

You are attempting to validate PIDs for controllers E35A and A40.
But controller E35A was detected.
You must select the controllers (and only the controllers) to which FlashScan or AutoCal is connected,
use the Auto-Detect option if necessary.

I will post a photo...

Can anyone help me as to why this is the case?
Thank you for your time.