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Thread: LML turbo issue after delete

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    Default LML turbo issue after delete

    After a DPF/SCR removal (new downpipe and straight 5" exhaust) on an off-road vehicle, I flashed a stock *.ctz file with all matching segment id's to my factory controller.
    Initial flash was the stock *ctz file without any changes. Obviously there were error codes present so I proceeded to disable the corresponding parameters in vehicle options (B2800's to B2900's).
    This worked except the turbo now continually switches from a closed to open position (hiss to rumble) every 5 or so seconds.
    Drive ability is fine except the turbo does not seem to be reacting like it should. It will accelerate fine, run fine, idle fine, but when going from a spooled up condition to an open condition, it will sputter and lag if you try to engage the throttle immediately. It results in a "dead" pedal and will start to smoke until you reduce throttle.

    This sounds similar to various other threads in the forum, but I have not been able to find a resolution.
    Attached is the *.ctz file I used as my base. I tried flashing back to this file to see if it was potentially the cause of the "searching" turbo vane position at idle, but it no longer switched back and forth so I doubt it is the issue?

    2015 LML E86B controller

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just wondering if you ended up finding the cause of this or not? Have the same issue.

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