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Thread: Mass Charge Flow and Fresh Air Flow Estimation tables??

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    Default Mass Charge Flow and Fresh Air Flow Estimation tables??

    What are the Mass Charge Flow and Fresh Air Estimation tables used for?

    Is the Mass Charge Flow the table that I need to multiply whatever the difference factor between my stock intake and a larger intake in order to "recalibrate" the maf sensor to a larger intake? Or is that in another table or parameter?

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    Mass Charge Flow controls vane position within the boundaries of the min/max vane position tables and fresh air flow table is used to control the intake throttle valve I believe, part of the fresh air/egr mix entering the engine.

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    That makes sense. So on tunes that keep the egr functional, if I increase the size of my intake pipe I would need to adjust the values on one or both of these tables? Is the MAF sensor used for anything other than calculating air flow to adjust for the EGR operation? Is the MAF used at all to perform defueling to keep the AFR to within lambda specs?

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