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    Hello all,

    My dsp5 switch broke. Where I installed it, it's loose now and the threads on the switch are stripped out so I can't tighten it. The whole assembly turns when I try to select tunes. Also the washer that prevents more than 5 turns broke, so the switch now has more than 5 positions.

    Can I buy any dsp5 switch and splice it into the old switches wires? I'm not going to take the pins out of the ecm connector and re-install the pins from the new switch... I'm just going to cut the wires near the switch and solder the new wires to the wires that go to the ecm.

    I guess I'm asking if there is a difference in the switches, both from tuners suppliers and engine types (lmm, lly, etc...). I know the switch varies voltage and that's how the ecm knows what tune is selected... are all switches set to the same "voltage steps" or is it tuner specific?

    Thank You

    P.S. my truck is an 08 silverado 2500HD (LMM)

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    Yes, you can splice a new switch into an existing. Disconnect the batteries, the the wires from the current switch one at a time, then splice the new wires/ switch in.

    Buy a switch specific to the LMM/ LBZ.

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