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    Searching for calibrations in the V8 editor is slightly different to the V7 editor. In the V7 editor, to search for a specific calibration you simply entered the calibrations ID (such as B0101) into the search box. To search for references to a calibration you had to enclose the calibration in curly braces like this: {B0101}.

    In the V8 editor, to search for an exact calibration you must prefix the calibration name with an @ symbol, like this: @B0101. To search for references to a calibration omit the @ symbol.

    If the calibration is provided by a *.cax8 file, then you must include the calibration's unique ID prefix like this: @XXX.B0909 where XXX is the unique ID for the *.cax8 file that provided calibration B0909.
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    lol, reminds me of absolute addressing in PDP-11 assembly language

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