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Thread: V2 vin License

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    Default V2 vin License

    I purchased my FlashScan V2 last year thinking I would have my car built sooner.
    Live happens. I went to tune my 2010 LS3 e38 this week and the v8 software said I needed to activate/purchase a vin license. I thought this came with 2 license's. What am I doing wrong? I've attached a screen shot.
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    It looks like you have 2 VIN licenses available (2 ECM/PCM, 2 TCM licenses. 1 ECM/PCM + 1 TCM = 1 VIN license).

    When you go to flash your ECM/TCM for the first time, you have to assign one of the available licenses to your vehicle's controller. Once you've licensed the controller, you don't have to do it again.

    (I'd suggest removing those screenshots as they have your FS V2 license info visible.)
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    Thanks...I figured it out.
    On the Full-Flash screen, I needed to click the activate license.

    So many screens, to many apps to know which does what. I can find tutorial/doc on each software (7.5Tune,7.5Scan, V8ScanTune) but nothing telling what used for or when they are used. Makes it a huge learning curve. We need a REAL EFILive for dummies just like the ones for windows software. It's hard to find out why something is done or what a changes are affected. Just me frustrated with the learning curve.

    Thanks to Swingtan’s L76 / E38 VVE Dial in Guide. It helped me muddle thru an SD tune for my LS3.
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