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Thread: unable to detect cm2100 from flashscan v2

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    Default unable to detect cm2100 from flashscan v2

    I ordered a cm2100 off ebay (2018 build date). This is suppose to be for a 2009 cummins 6.7. Seller is unsure if its new or used. Anyway I swapped my ECM with this one and I am unable to detect the ECM. Flashscan is unable to detect it. Swapped my ECM back with the original one and Flashscan can detect.

    So question, is this new ECM no good? Is there a difference between bench flash and in-vehicle flash? This is going into a swapped truck and has a standalone harness (no tipm). I tried using my regular odb2 scanner and nothing. Even the scanguageII doesn't work.


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    If it's a new ECM, I think it needs to be initialized as they are shipped completely blank. I don't think EFILive can do that.

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    Are you 100% sure it is a CM2100 ?
    The ECM's would always ship with something in them, if they are 'blank' they would be in bootmode but EFILive can still communicate with them in that state.
    If there is some part numbers on it can you take a photo and post it up.

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    I'm pretty sure its cm2100 .. What I'm not sure of is if its new. I have sent the ECM for recovery to We'll know in 2 days if its bricked, damaged, or new and blank.

    what I wasn't sure about before I shipped it was, if its accessible all the time via odb2 even if its blank or unlicensed, or bricked.

    part number is 5258003

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