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Thread: E98 - Injection Timing Calculator

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    Default E98 - Injection Timing Calculator

    As Arnie always says, it’s good to give back to the community.

    This is an Injection Timing Calculator for the E98 ECM OS:55499969

    It works with my OS, however I'm sure with other OS's their tables are using the same X & Y Axis values etc.

    It's used to calculate your optimal injection timing for EFI Live tunes.

    Most people just use a single number for overall injection % BTDC, however more advanced users use a blend of 40%/60% for best results which is later on down in the spreadsheet.

    Do not use the HPT injection pulse values as they are double of what’s on EFI Live, which are correct as I've had this verified by them.

    Thank you Ross / Cindy for the help.


    E98 Duramax 2.8 - Injection Timing
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    Can anyone explain which charts to use in this calculator? Trying to learn as much as possible about diesel tuning.
    Do i copy and paste the stock charts from efi live into this calculator and then copy and paste the new values back into efilive?
    If so which ones do i copy into and out of?

    Am i assuming correctly that the input charts are pasted from the stock file? And the output charts are the new values which then need to be copied into efilive tune file?
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