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    Hello, this is my first post so please excuse me if this question is redundant. I have spent the last week searching this site and have not been able to find the answer to my question. I am sure it is on here somewhere and the reason to me not finding it is more then likely due to my searching inadequacy.

    I have an Autocal that I am waiting to get un-linked from ATPTrucks. Once it is complete what is the process to get a tune back on it for a different vehicle? I had it on an 05 Duramax and have someone interested in purchasing it for their 2013 Duramax. I am kind of certain he would need to buy a VIN license then contact a tuner and purchase tunes. I just want to be certain and get the proper process before I sell him something that he is unable to use.

    Thank you

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    From our Unlinking help file here

    Once an AutoCal is unlinked;

    1. It must be linked to another FlashScan prior to flashing tune files.
    2. All tune files that were created by the original tuner with the original FlashScan can no longer be flashed by the AutoCal device.
    3. Tuners should implement a process to ensure the end user’s stock file is converted from the original FlashScan to the new FlashScan. Failing to do so will prevent end users from flashing their stock tune.

    Once an AutoCal has licensed a controller, that controller will remain licensed to that AutoCal. Unlinking and relinking an AutoCal device does not require additional licensing provided the controller originally tuned remains the same. Additional AutoCal VIN licenses are required to tune additional controllers.

    It is likely the new tuner will need to increase the VIN License slot count the new owner can purchase an additional VIN License. And you are correct, he'd also need to purchase tune files.


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