Just picked up truck that had a motor previously installed with a NNBS (07.5-13) intake and associated 823 casting L92s on a mildly cammed 6.0. Truck is a 2003 DBW rcsb original 5.3 truck. Truck has intake with associated fuel rails and claimed matching injectors (in tune injector flow is 34.98lb/hr flatlined accross the board). It does have correct injector adapter harness but tune is garbage. Trying to patch it up to make it drivable. For now. Keep getting P0106 Map sensor code and it does have the newer style map sensor in it while the files to my knowledge in the ls1b havent been touched. Any suggestions on a parameter to change for the newer map sensor or would it me a sensor or mechanical issue? Will stumble between 1500-1800 rpm only if you try and blip the throttle. Not aure if it would be related. I am pretty knowledgeable with the platform but mixmatching stuff i want to be sure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.