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    Since the moderators don't have a V3 (new black) or HD (old red) section, I figured I'd post it in here. Can a VIN# be changed on the Cummins 2350A and 2450A ECM's? Or do you need to buy another VIN license? Does the V3 look at the ECM serial number too? (With the MM3 tuner, you can change the ECM's VIN# and serial number with Calterm, etc. and flash another ECM) Sorry if this is a pointed question or sounds like I'm trying to skirt the rules. Just wanted to try it out on some of these junked modules I got laying around in the garage.

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    Sorry but VIN change is not implemented for HD Cummins.
    The licensing is not based off the VIN, mainly because there is a lot of HD ECM's that don't even have a VIN in them from factory, things like skid steers, tractors etc.

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