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Thread: 09 Express 4L85e to Allison

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    Default 09 Express 4L85e to Allison

    Forgive me if I am in the wrong section.
    I am wanting to swap a 4L85e for a Allison 1000.
    My express is an 09 model LMM.
    I can manage the wiring changes, but as far as programming goes would I need to switch the van to a truck OS and is it compatible to switch these OS's?
    Which TCM would I need, T42A?
    Any insight or a brief run down before I go all in from someone more experienced on these. I do tons of gas conversions, but the diesel compatibility is all new to me. Can anyone give me some recommendations or anything you think I would run into doing this swap. Thank you

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    Hi, you want to have a pickup powertrain in the van, so I guess the wiring , tcm, ecm cal. should be the same as a pickup
    I always thought that the Allison can't fit on a van because the floor pan doesn't allow enough space ?

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