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Thread: Flashscan v3 for 08 Cummins 6.7

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    Default Flashscan v3 for 08 Cummins 6.7

    I am looking at getting a Flashscan v3 to tune my 08 Cummins 6.7. The website is not very clear on what license to get with the v3 unit for Cummins tuning. I don't have a Cummins HD, so is there v3 tuning available for my year yet? I see the Cummins tuning add-on but it is listed only for the v2.


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    I am bumping this thread because I have a similar question for GM tuning. I started another thread about this, but found out later it was probably in the wrong section.

    I was told when I purchased the FSv3 that GM tuning would be available end of January. Since it is now mid-February, I sent an email a week ago to the person that gave me that information and have not received a response.

    So does anyone have an idea when GM and (non-HD) Cummins tuning will be available for the Flashscan v3, especially since the FSv2 does not seem to be available for purchase any longer?

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    I contacted their sales team and got a response that support for my rig would be out this week or next. I hope that is the case since my Flashscan v3 is on it's way

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