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    Hi All,

    I have an Autocal that came with a VIN license an delete tune. Another tuner used the Autocal to re-tune my truck, and as he put it used it as a 'pass through' with his laptop. He has since emailed me the tune file which I want to put on the Autocal so I can reflash the truck if needed. Can someone walk me through this please? I have Scan and Tune, and Explorer software on my computer....just want to make sure I do it right. The old tunefile from the original Autocal is still on the unit.


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    Really??? Nobody ?

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    EFILive doesn't monitor forums on weekends.

    You have purchased the hand held tuner of a particular tuning company that happens to use EFILive hardware to deliver their product. AutoCal is linked to that tuner's FlashScan as the exclusive provider of tune files. You should follow your tuners instructions because there are multiple ways to do this and the method you use will depend on what they sent you.

    If they didn't provide you with instructions, you can remove the existing tune file following these instructions
    You can copy your new tune file following the above instructions will be useful if the tuner sent you just a tune file, otherwise you will need to install the BBX file via the [F5: BBX] -> [F6: Quick Setup] ->[Program Quick Setup] option.


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    If you want to use the calibration he supplied, you can open it with V8 Scan And Tune and just F6 and Cal flash it via pass-thru without any issues. EFILive will check the licensing from the file matches the one on the autocal and let you flash it in pass-thru mode.
    If you want to use the Black box, you use efilive explorer and set it in the tunes folder (NOT THE READ under it).
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