Haven't navigated an E92 yet.

Going to flash a friend's L83 swap project tomorrow. It's standalone, only ECM/TCM present. What's the scope on using the VATS patch? I just opened the only 2014 E92 file I have and don't see a patch in the EFI software(says not avail for this OS(12663390)). V7.5.28

I haven't taken a read from the car yet to know what OS it actually is, just looking at a sample E92 file before I'm face2face with the guy. Is the patch avail for other OSs?

For the TCM, I think it's a T87...but I know it's from a 2015 or 2016 and a different vin than the ECM. What is the best way to make it play nice with the ECM? Do I need to match the vin from the ECM in the TCM? I have an MDI and TIS as well I could get a factory tune from I guess if I first use EFILive to make the vin correct. Thoughts?

The guy says the car is ready to start, so I'm hoping to just kill VATs and get the TCM tuning to mate with the ECM. I'll come back later with a full tune for his setup.

Appreciate any tips/tricks. Thanks