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Thread: February 2021, V8.3.5 Beta 3

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    Default February 2021, V8.3.5 Beta 3

    We strongly recommend that you do not install the beta software over the top of your production systems. It is possible that the beta test software may fail and your production system may not be recoverable. lf you conduct a tuning business, please take the necessary precautions to protect your business. EFILive recommends beta testers use a separate FlashScan V3/V2 device (when installing the latest beta firmware) and only install the EFILive beta test software on a separate PC, laptop or virtual machine.

    The current public release is available here.

    V7.5 no longer supports installation to Windows XP or Windows Vista. This change is due to SHA1 having been deprecated by digital certificate authorities. More info on SHA1
    V7.5 and V8 are now only supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

    Due to the new security/encryption option in this release, all tune files saved using this release will no longer be compatible with older versions of the V7 or V8 software. If you distribute tune files to other users (i.e. your customers), the recipients must be:

    • using this version or a later version of the V7 and/or V8 software.
    • using this version or a later version of the V2 and/or V3 firmware.

    Full Release Notes:

    Version Numbers:
    After installing this beta release you should have the following software and firmware versions installed:

    • EFILive V7 software: V7.5.34 To view the installed version, select Help->About (in the V7 Scan or Tune software).
    • EFILive V8 software: V8.3.5 To view the installed version, select Help->About (in the V8 Scan and Tune software).
    • FlashScan/AutoCal V3 Firmware: V3.00.060 (Feb 27, 2021).
    • FlashScan/AutoCal V2 Firmware: V2.08.170 (Feb 27, 2021); Boot Block: V2.08.009 (Feb 27, 2021)

    Download here:

    Known Issues:
    Issue #1:
    Importing JTAG E86B files may result in a Boot Software segment checksum error.
    Don't flash imported files with checksum errors. Don't use the EFILive software to correct checksum errors for the E86B imported files as that does not fix the underlying cause of the checksum error - it just masks the error(s) and causes additional problems.
    We are working on a solution to that problem.
    Issue #2:
    E35A and E35B DSP2 and DSP5 COS upgrades do not work. The resulting files are only partially upgraded and will not operate correctly (or possibly at all) in a vehicle. Do not flash any DSP2/DPS5 files that were upgraded using EFILive V8. You should delete files that were upgraded using V8 and redo the upgrade using V7.
    Use V7 to for E35A and E35B DSP2/DSP5 COS upgrades.
    Will be fixed in the next update.

    The EFILive Team
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