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Thread: E67 and brake pedal sensor wiring

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    Default E67 and brake pedal sensor wiring

    Almost finished my harness for retrofitting a LSA 2013, 6L90E combo.
    I got the engine and trans running on a pallet so its just a couple of things left.

    I got an error code because I have no brake bedal sensor.
    DTC is P057C Brake pedal position sensor circuit low voltage

    The sensor that I dont have seems to have two circuits, one to the BCM and one to the ECU -> CAN -> TCM.
    I do believe I only need the circuit to the ECM. Looking in the diagram its a 0-5V signal with 3 wires.

    X3, pin 27, WH, Brake Apply Sensor Low Reference
    X3, pin 43, TN, Brake Apply Sensor Voltage Reference
    X3, pin 63, YE, Brake Position Sensor Signal

    Do I really need position sensor that tracks the pedal movement?
    Can I wire in a relay on the 5v and a resistor controlled by the cars brake switch?
    Do I need to calibrate the brake pedal sensor to (not available in EFI live I guess)?

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    Does anyone know if its a similar solution on other ECUs like the E38 with an automatic trans?
    I guess its the same solution on many cars?

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