Just updated to V8 3.5 and associated V7.5. I have noticed that on E38,E67 and E92 ECMs that both V8 and V7 editors will not save small commanded VE changes but will only average out large changes with associated cells. Am I missing something with the new update that I haven't really noticed before? For instance if I take a cell in a stock VE and just put "0" it will not command "0" for that cell but will lower it and average down the cells around it. I noticed this when I was trying to adjust and smooth a VE in an E38 and it was not saving my commands. Any help with this? FWIW: V2 is connected and reading/ working properly at this time. It is not in "Demo" mode. Bootblock and Firmware are also up to date. Also tried saving as under a new name with same results.