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Thread: WHY am I not seeing all the codes?

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    Default WHY am I not seeing all the codes?

    This is a stand alone with a ECM and TCM LMM Duramax
    So I connect the V2 to my DLC pick diagnostics, select read DTCs and it comes up with 4 selections, I cycle through all 4 and all I am getting are codes P0121 and P0140, and I have very low engine power, I have been chasing these codes for several days.

    So this morning I have an obvious miss, still no engine codes so I go back to my cheapo Autel and I see MAP, MAF and an open injector code, I do not understand why I do not see these codes on the V2 am I just stupid??
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    OK, as it turns out I have a bad ECM, causing all the strange and about to drive completely insane issues, a ECM swap cured all of this up!!
    Of course now I have a sick 1 ton until a replacement ECM arrives but the HMMWV is so much fun to drive!!!
    The original ECM and drive train came out of a badly rolled donor truck everything was busted loose including the entire drive train, must have looked like a windmill in a tornado under that hood.
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