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Thread: June 2021 - Dodge CMC testing in V8

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    Default June 2021 - Dodge CMC testing in V8

    Hi All,

    We've transitioned over the Dodge CMC ECM into V8 (aka the CM2100).
    At the same time we've added in all known stock OS's, even the weird ones that would still pop up from odd ball 4500 configurations and also all the older ones that V7.5 didn't have supported.

    The supported maps and parameters in V8 are different to V7.5, the V7.5 ones however will remain as they are and won't be changed. Any tables that are in both software versions share the same number (eg E1234).
    By now many tuners have their own .cax files for the CMC controller so if you are still actively tuning them then this would be a good opportunity to also convert your .cax files from V7.5 to .cax8.

    Please provide feedback on this release, specifically if you see any tables that don't look quite right then let us know. And importantly for our US customers are the tables converting to display in US Customary Units correctly?

    New link to August Beta

    The EFILive Team
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    Nvm... I got excited too quick.
    "All that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing..."

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    link unavailable......

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    Thanks, new link edited into original post.

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