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Thread: VATS removal for swap

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    Default VATS removal for swap


    Does the VATS switch work in V8?

    This is for a swap


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    I'm not sure it even works in V7 for a swap, I think it will allow an engine start in a real GM vehicle (that hasn't been VATS linked) but not standalone.
    Sorry I don't have a definitive answer on that, maybe someone who has done one in the past can chime in.

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    In my experience the VATS System wants to connect with the BCM to be happy, at least on all the models, if its a 15, 15.5 or 16 E86B then you need a dealer tool/procedure to enable the VATS System or all you get is a dead key, no crank.

    I have tried a bunch of different things, none of which have worked for a 15-16 ecm swap unless its a full dealer/tool/MDI relearn procedure, ecm set-up.

    Good Luck

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