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Thread: Hanging Idle Issue

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    Default Hanging Idle Issue

    Hi guys, I am hoping someone may be able to give me some advice on fixing a hanging idle issue I have.
    I have gone into the throttle cracker table and zeroed out the cells from 1600rpm and below and this made no difference to my issue.
    When I unplug the IAC motor the revs return to idle nice and quick, as soon as I plug the IAC back in hanging idle is back.
    Would I need to pull some air from my base running airflow table ??

    And another issue I have is when I open the throttle hard from a idle speed I get a hesitation from the engine and sometimes a backfire in the
    exhaust before the engine comes to life and accelerates away, what table would I need to adjust to fix this ??

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    Hi Rick,

    Are you able to post a copy of your tune and a log showing the hanging idle?

    Have you gone through the RAFIG/RAFPN tuning process at all? Have a look at these threads:

    First (look at the PDF):


    Regarding your hesitation/backfire, posting your tune and a log will help nail down the issue.

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