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Thread: 2 bar Map question

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    Default 2 bar Map question

    hope someone could chip in..
    just installed a 2 bar map sensor
    got on the box Auto sensor standard parts PRC, OEM LS 2 bar
    Think it was sfi...?
    Anyway with old sensor key on Map was reading 101kpa.
    so installed new and key on with 190 in settings as per COS3 tutorials showed 81kpa....
    210 showed 88 kpa.
    240 showed 99 kpa.
    245=101kpa as old stock 1 bar sensor.

    Sometimes do they need that much adjustment?
    hoping to drive it tomorrow to start logging

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    There is a MAP scaler that you have to set so that your MAP shows up with the correct value.

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    Hi Joe,
    Hoping you would reply.
    Yes i used the scaler to set engine off key on value to 101kpa.
    Think i may have a 2.5 bar sensor as results in first post.
    With my vac pressure pump at 50kpa(vacuum) i get around 50 kpa vac in scanner, but if i put pressure in it stops reading at 105kpa. I am using correct map pid (i think ....) so from searching posts here and on LS1tech, it seems if the engine is not running then the map connected to my pressure pump wont read past 105kpa anyway....
    I have a post on ls1tech with screenshots etc.
    I havnt adjusted the offset value in tune though (think set to 10 atm) as not sure what to do with that

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