I have a FSV2 which was working fine. I updated to V8.3.8 along with Firmware: V2.08.177 (Sep 03, 2021), Boot Block: V2.08.009 (Feb 27, 2021). After that update I tried BBL APCYL_M on E38 OS 12630501 and returned an PID not supported, but before the update it was working. Searching the forums for ideas I saw the current October V8.3.9 update which I downloaded, but this time I performed a clean install and updated FSV2 to Firmware: V2.08.178 (Oct 05, 2021), Boot Block: V2.08.009 (Feb 27, 2021). Now I am trying to BBL E38 OS 12630501 and getting error code $0281. I followed the V8 reference.pdf from the October release to set up BBL and also https://forum.efilive.com/showthread...2-from-scratch but still a no go. Also tried a E35B OS 12628594 and same error code. BBR/BBF are working fine for both controllers. Does anybody have ideas?

Trace File: