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    I was trying to find some answers on google, but there seems to be inconsistent information from google searching.

    I recently joined the diesel world and got myself a 2021 Sierra 1500 Duramax 3.0! It has been a champ and I'm loving it. I live in southern Wisconsin and will be parking outside. A few questions I have ...

    1 - Do I need to add any additives to the diesel fuel during spring, summer, and fall?

    2 - What anti-gel additive works best for this engine? Should I put in an anti-gel additive every time I fuel up?

    3 - How long should I plug in my engine block heater? vehicle treat It looks like the number I'm finding is 4+ hours, but I'm also seeing that it's completely useless.

    4 - How do my glow plugs work with push-button start? What about the remote start? Is the system smart enough to wait for it to warm up then startup?

    5 - Will the glow plugs, and anti-gel additive be enough to start my truck that is sitting outside after my 8-hour shift at work?

    6 - What DEF should I add to my truck when the time comes?

    7 - Do I need to do anything or add an additive to the DEF during winter?

    Thank you in advance!
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