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Thread: Compoud turbo help on 6.7 cummins

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    Default Compoud turbo help on 6.7 cummins

    Hello i have tuned before but i do want a starting point for some timing on a compound setup. Its a 6.7 cummins has a good amount of work done the compounds will be a gated s367 with a s475/96/1.32 id just like some pointers so if you have some pm me.

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    Do you already have the VGT portion taken care of? If so then you're stock fueling should be a good starting point.

    I'm not sure how much you've done in the past so take this for whatever it might be worth to you, but if you're running bigger injectors obviously take care of your scaling then you might want to decrease your fueling quantities down low on top of the correction. While a 367 is not a massive jump over the stock vgt, it will add some lag and smoke in the lower RPMs depending on a few variables. Another note, pulling a bit of timing below 1500r-1800rpm might help just a tad with getting on top of the chargers but you'll have to test to figure out what you like and what you're aiming for.

    Hopefully that helps, do some testing and let us know how it goes.

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